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        Top Ten Reasons To Join 100 Women Who Care

#10.  Our meetings last just one hour--tops!

#9.  If you choose to stay on after the meeting, you'll enjoy great 
Italian food, good conversation and plenty of laughs with other 100+ WWC.

#8.  Four times a year you'll have a good reason for not making dinner.

#7.  You'll meet the directors of various charitable organizations when they attend a meeting to thank us for our donations.  

#6.  You'll meet fascinating women, all involved in interesting careers and activities. 

#5.  You'll expand your own networking opportunities.

#4.  You'll be able to nominate local organizations that you're passionate about.

#3.  You'll learn about local organizations that serve the needs of others. 

#2.  You'll have opportunities to share a little bit of what you have, knowing that your donations will go to worthy causes in your own community.

            AND THE #1 REASON TO JOIN 100+ WWC:

                 IT JUST MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!